Hi my name is Denise. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My father was a famous griller from Austin, Texas. When I was a child my father usually invite our neighbors for a potluck in our backyard. My dad would showcase his cooking skills. He would prepare steaks and burgers for everyone and of course a complimentary ice cold beer for the guys.

It was then I knew I had a passion for cooking. Everytime there was a cookout in our house I get excited because I know I was his “Chef assistant”. He shared all his secrets and tips in becoming a kitchen expert. Growing up I have also discovered and learned new many tricks to food which I’m very excited to share to you guys!

As a daughter close to her dad I am blogging my passion for cooking to honor my father’s cooking legacy. Aside from being born in Brooklyn, My desire and enthusiasm for cooking also started in Brooklyn. Hence, Conceived in Brooklyn.