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Why I love To Cook on a Carbon Steel Cookware?

Growing up to a dad who loves to cook inspired me to become passionate to it, My love for cooking reminds me of my childhood and the sweet memories of camaraderie brought by food.

Food cooked on a Carbon steel cookware is fresher. Cooking on it seems to instinctively promote the cooking of fresh meats, fish, and vegetables

It’s a way on how you show your love and appreciation to others. Good food bring people together. 

Cooking is the single best way to unwind! Tell me I’m wrong! (Bonus – if you want to reheat your beautifully cooked meat, I’d highly recommend you use the best induction range you can find)

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here is a quick tip for you on how to season your carbon steel pans right! 🙂 

The Ultimate Guide to Seasoning Carbon Steel Woks and Frying Pans.


What are Carbon Steel Pans and Woks?

A Carbon Steel wok or pan is an alloy made of mostly iron with less than two percent carbon. That is why it cost lesser than a cast iron. On the 18th and 19th century this was together developed with steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Carbon steel are much stronger than cast iron; and also less heavier. It is quicker to heat and has a smoother surface.

Check if the Carbon Steel Pan is unseasoned

When you buy your carbon steel pan you should see a label if the carbon steel pan is pre-seasoned. But if there is no label it would be easy to identify if it’s seasoned just by looking at the appearance of the pan. It will look metallic grey if it is unseasoned and black like the off-shelf pan if it is ore seasoned. You can start cooking with your new carbon steel pan immediately if it is pre-seasoned.

Clean the Carbon Steel Pan

If it is an unseasoned pan, you’ll have to clean it and remove the wax. Use warm water and a small amount of soap to clean the pan.

Heat up your Carbon Steel Pan

Heat up your carbon steel pan on a gas stove. It normally takes around 10 minutes to heat up at medium to high heat.

Apply oil  on your Carbon Steel Pan

You can use any oil to season your pan. (just make sure it’s edible lol). I use olive oil since I’m health conscious. And Repeat! It’’s as easy as that! I hope you enjoyed this short “How-To” if you want to know more then you can read my blog.